Preliminary Meeting with the Customer.

A preliminary meeting is conducted in order to learn about the organization’s characteristics, needs and financial abilities. Prior to the meeting and in order to facilitate a focused and effective one, the customer is required to provide information and data to Aleppo’s professional staff regarding the requirements and objectives of the project. By the end of the preliminary meeting, Aleppo’s professional staff will learn all about the characteristics of the desired project.

Professional and Quality BrainstormingWork Process

After the information is gathered and the customer’s needs are identified, the staff conducts a brainstorming meeting in order to review the concept and customize the ultimate solutions within the budget.  In view of the project’s turnkey points and the collected data from the customer, along with Aleppo’s expertise and profound knowledge of the available systems in the market, the company will provide a concept, a general solution and a reassessment of the necessary budget.

Presenting the Solution to the Customer

At this stage, Aleppo’s professional and expert representatives meet with the customer, present the conceptand together conclude the final characterization of the solution.

Principal Contract Agreement

 After the mutual consent to execute the project, the parties will sign a principal contract agreement.

 Final Approval of the Project

 After a technical survey that includes the exchange of technical details, the project will be fully authorized and ready to go.

Aleppo Systems International provides its customers a comprehensive and detailed market analysis for each product and system. In order to achieve the best solution, the company will select products, quality systems and use the most advanced technologies, tailored to the actual needs of the customer.

Final Price Proposal and Contract

 Aleppo Systems issues a final price proposal to the client for the turnkey project. Aleppo enables credit and financing programs and  terms that are specifically tailored to the customer.

 Fundamentals and Nature of the Work.

Aleppo Systems International facilitates the project to its customers by providing a single point of contact which renders a clear picture of all aspects of the project, encompassing the commercial and contractual aspects, procurement processes, equipment supply, logistics, shipments, on-site preparations, training and more.

  • Our company issues quotes for the project and offers its customers financing and credit terms.
  • Each customer is provided with one and single point of contact which is available as an “open line” at any given time.
  • We provides support and maintenance of systems 24/7 through internal and professional support center  team.
  • Aleppo systems provide an Integration Center that handles all procurement processes and performs product simulations.
  • A smooth and professional Logistics Center which issue certificates to the customer prior delivery by air, land or sea.

Worldwide Services : The company Department allocates the proper local subcontractor, guides and manages the deployment, creates on ground jobs opportunities, executes installation and integration of all systems, provides training and transfer of knowledge to the customer and builds “On Ground Maintenance Platform”.

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