For many years, Aleppo has been producing and delivering megapixel cameras and high-resolution video systems to the global market, exclusively.

slider 1We offer proficiency and a profound knowledge of the latest IP video, monitoring and security technologies. When you collaborate with Aleppo, you directly benefit from our over 15 years of video surveillance expertise. Whether you aim to enhance security or streamline logistics, our experts will offer the right technology to meet your objectives.

We offer complimentary consulting and customized system design through our sales program. Our video surveillance experts will work with you to tailor the best solution for your immediate and future needs and requirements.

 Our system comes embedded with Intelligent Video Surveillance capacity that allows its users to easily monitor and secure areas using a large number of security cameras. This new state-of-the-art technology enables automatic detection of threats or unwanted visitors.

We offer CCTV video solutions which include incorporating cutting-edge technology in complete video surveillance systems. We use components, such as IP cameras, high-performance cameras, control and management software, video analytics, matrix switchers, multiplexers, keyboards and other accessories.

We also offer an integrated program of crime prevention and monitoring activities, which includes an extensive communication and public monitoring system. This system is controlled and monitored from a control center that provides real-time monitoring and response to incidents.

Main Benefits: shutterstock_165323357

  • Providing information and evidence to crime prevention organizations.
  • Discovering and pinpointing crimes while they occur and dispatching the proper response in real-time.
  • Allowing accurate reporting and providing real-time situational awareness.
  • Dispatching real-time videos and photos to the control center and the field officers.
  • Worldwide Installation Services


Our International Network of partners, allows us to offer state-of-the-art solutions as well as provide installation and integration services to the global markets.