Aleppo Systems International Ltd. specializes in managing complex and large-scale projects in developing markets and countries in the fields of security, communication, technology and agriculture. The experience and reputation of the company, as well as the financial backing gained over the years, position Aleppo as an authority in the sector and a provider of leading quality services.

Aleppo Systems International offers you:  

  • A Principal Point of Contact (POC) – A designated, professional project manager who serves as the direct and one interface for each and every part of the project.
  • Planning and monitoring schedulesProject Management
  • Comprehensive and meticulous market research.
  • Attractive prices, thanks to the company’s purchase power.
  • Customized work plans and budget.
  • Integration between employees and suppliers.
  • Identifying problems and conducting assessments.
  • Planning and monitoring project’s budget against expected costs.
  • Managing suppliers and adapting technologies within and outside the organization.
  • A unique methodology of project management
  • Set-up of policies and high standards throughout each project.
  • Close and constant monitoring of the project’s progress.
  • Establishment of a risk management system for problems and presenting solutions
  • Procurement and Logistics
  • Shipping the product to destination by air, sea or land.

On-site implementation and training

Aleppo Systems International Specializes in Project Management

Our belief is that a successful project starts and ends with high quality and professional planning, meticulous execution and problem-solving ability. The accumulated knowledge and the experience that the company gained over the years in managing small and large projects alike, enable the company to provide fair and high quality service.

High standard and quality results are achieved by Imparting tools and methodologies to each customer according to their demands, existing technology and market requirements. Aleppo Systems International believes that project planning, market research and shipping the product to its destination, are essential and integral parts of the project.’s success.

Our Customers

Since the establishment of the company and to this day, Aleppo Systems International has gained many satisfied customers from public and private sectors alike, Nowadays, Aleppo Systems International is a licensed vendor of the United Nations and an authorized supplier for the Israel Ministry of Defense, military organizations and  governments, police, security agencies and oil companies.

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