We manufacture and market high-quality security products through our worldwide offices and certified distributors and integrators.

We supply and implement the latest technologies in security systems for the industrial and government Sector. Aleppo Systems will provide you the top world-class product engineering, design and professional customer service. You will benefit from the quality and affordability of a self-owned shutterstock_58515805manufacturing facility. We offer a complete range of state-of-the-art solutions to meet a variety of security challenges. Our anti-vandalism protection systems are developed to provide reliable, robust and rugged products for a multitude of environments and facilities types.

These systems are waterproof and function under harsh weather conditions and in intolerant environments.
Our systems feature the latest and most advanced technologies and industrial design concepts which will assist you in protecting your premises, assets and properties. Our goal is to provide you the most robust and innovative security without compromising your comfort or the facility’s aesthetics.shutterstock_1822129

Aerial Surveillance & Monitoring Systems – Applications  

  • Pipeline and Infrastructure Surveillance
  • Border Surveillance
  • Police Activities
  • And more


?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Advanced and Smart Sensors Detection Systems – Applications

  • Pipeline and Infrastructure Protection
  • Border Protection
  • Government Building Protection
  • And more



Our International Network of partners, allows us to offer state-of-the-art solutions as well as provide installation and integration services to the global markets.