Aleppo Systems specializes in delivering Military Systems from state-of the art industries.

Military Equipment Supplies

After many years of supplying Military systems to Army organizations globally, we are able, today, to provide a tremendous added value to a military organization that require to upgrade and/or purchase new army systems and materials.

A real, professional military personnel which is dedicated to Aleppo Systems Activities, will assist you to choose and implement the correct systems and materials from a wide variety of options and materials.

Our vast experience and advantages will enable you to optimize your procurements by providing you preferred pricing and commercial terms.

Aleppo Systems will understand your challenges and needs and provide consulting and assistance with the materials and development of your army.

 Example of our various military equipment supplies worldwide:

  • Armored Combat Vehicles and Customize Vehiclesshutterstock_89414749
  • Mobile / Fix Control Center.
  • UAV – Aerial Monitoring and surveillance Systems.
  • Arms and Ammunition.
  • Vision Systems.
  • Protection Gear.
  • Training and Formation.
  • Electronic Equipment.
  • Counterterrorism and Crime Control Solutions.
  • Border Surveillance Systems.
  • Army Logistic and Support Equipment.
  • Customized systems.

 And many more.