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Public Safety

Aleppo Systems is a leading provider of command and control center solutionsPublic Safety
for the police, medical and fire & EMC services.

We unite innovative products with state-of-the-art technology and a wide-ranging service package in a comprehensive solution specially tailored to meet your specific needs.

Our systems impress with their total reliability and outstanding ease of use, providing fast and optimal management of emergency calls and missions. The emergency services operate a round-the-clock service, with the control center playing a particularly critical role.

It is the communication hub and information platform used by dispatchers as they coordinate operations, and these dispatchers rely on modern communication and information systems to support their work.

Our systems are exceptionally reliable, highly capable, and easy to use: after all, fast and effective management of emergency calls and operations has the highest priority.

Integrated Command and Control Center

Command centers require real-time access to mission-critical information. Our integrated command center solutionCC 3 enables the dissemination of commands and status information, as well as fast feedback ability from deployed operators. Our solution offers a clear advantage in real-time command & control operations, research and mission planning.

Command Center is the “nerve center” which provides a comprehensive overview of various independent yet operationally dependent and highly important information sources. Within this environment, the operators should make prompt and accurate decisions, using the available technology.

Operational intelligence at a glance

Our video walls, large-screen displays, multi-screen controllers and display management software constitute a state-of-the-art command center, typically used in tactical analysis centers, 24/7 watch and alert centers, crisis centers and briefing rooms, National Command Centers (NCC), Military ATC, borders and critical Infrastructures and more. This command center provides up-to-the-minute, dynamically tailored access to a synthesized Common Operational Picture (COP).

A Barco designed command center ultimately enhances better collaboration, faster decision-making and higher mission effectiveness.
More specifically, our success relies on a network-centric visualization platform that integrates information from various different sensors which is being implemented in operational, tactical and strategic command & control centers.

Project Management SolutionsIntegrated Systems

We are a pioneer in the integration of security and operations systems into a single user interface, reducing response times, increasing situational awareness and providing a common operating view. We implement , as a routine, PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) to link alarms with video, computer aided dispatch, collaboration and mass notification systems.

Integrated Command and Control Center

We offers modular command and control center systems that provide all the necessary functions for mission control:

  • Reception of emergency callsIntegrated Command and Control Center
  • Mission recording
  • Mission scheduling
  • Alarm processes
  • Mission control and management
  • Integrating communications with responding resources Incident recording
  • Geographic information system (GIS) Data visualization

The systems are adapted to meet the customer’s specific needs and can be arranged according to different organizational duties, such as call taker, dispatcher and administrator.

Emergency Services – Unified Communication & Collaboration

All our solutions & products were developed with the help of law enforcement agencies and are based on actual operational requirements.
The solution portfolio is designed for the responder while Officers and dispatchers can take comfort from the knowledge that a call for help received on the system will be processed and dispatched in the most efficient and smooth manner possible.ניהול פרויקטים ביטחוניים

The integrated displays immediately show the caller’s location on an easy-to-use map, allowing fluid call control and incident transmission to the CAD module.
Instant and seamless sharing of incident data provides real-time information and situational awareness to the call-taker, dispatcher and police officer in the field.
The solution even allows for full integration of video and recording systems deployed in the country , as well as any other third-party systems required by the customer. This ensures the officer has the highest level of protection and control, and the best tools and virtual backup possible.

The inherent failsafe, redundant and distributed design of solutions ensures dependable availability for customers with mission-critical applications.
Our system has the capabilities and functionality necessary for day-to-day emergency response operation. But it also provides you with the capacity needed to withstand the heaviest demands of a worst-case disaster scenario. The open system architecture of our product line supports future expansion with new, forward-thinking system design features.

Unified Communication and Coordination

When facing a crisis, the critical data and information needed to make the right decision must be available. All our solutions and products were designed using real-world emergency operations management criteria drawn from command and control situations and environments.

A system which serves the needs of countrywide communications and crisis management, but at a regional or local level, is now a reality…thanks to the efficient system architecture employed in our solutions, Coordinating different data sources, such as multi-layer GIS information, situational awareness, multiple data streams and video feeds, and more are easy and manageable – Our systems integrate everything within a unified console.

Emergency Services – Unified Communication & Collaboration

Unified Communication & Collaboration

  • Co-location of police and fire/EMS functions. The facility brings together all communications personnel in the Police and Fire/EMS or any other service departments – Co-locations enhances coordination during critical incidents as well as during the management of everyday call volumes.
  • Enhanced productivity features. The PSCC includes a variety of amenities designed to reduce stress and improve productivity among emergency communications employees. In addition to specially designed lighting and acoustics, the center includes a workout facility, an extensive kitchen and break rooms, and a “quiet room” to which employees can retire following a particularly difficult or stressful call.
  • Strict security. Special security procedures are implemented to make the facility resistant to attack or threat, both physical and technological.
  • The PSCC provides the technological reliability, flexibility, and efficiency to dramatically improve the ability of the Police and Fire/EMS or any other service departments to answer and respond to calls for service.

Intelligent Integration of CCTV

Intelligent Integration of CCTVWe offer proficiency and a profound knowledge of the latest IP video, monitoring and security technologies – Our system comes embedded with Intelligent Video Surveillance capacity that allows its users to easily monitor and secure areas using a large number of security cameras. This new state-of-the-art technology enables automatic detection of threats or unwanted visitors.

City Video Monitoring

Deployment of video network in the city gives the Possibility to have a complete, central surveillance system covering the whole city — from fixed locations like parks, streets and public zones tCity Video Monitoringo buildings and government infrastructures.

All cameras are then viewed in real-time from one command center with the option to forward real-time video to mobile units on the field.

The Control Center provides a hub for the analysis and dissemination of information collected from various sources including government agencies, private organizations and individual citizens as well as specialized equipment such as sensors and cameras. The results are faster, more effective responses to service outages, streamlined law enforcement operations and real-time management of crisis situations.

  • Urban CCTV system with content analytics – Installation of IP Video Cameras in “Hot Spot” areas, all around the City.
  • Wideband communications private data networks – Installation of a Privet Wireless Network
  • Dispatch Command and Control Center (C4i/C2):

City Video Monitoring system

The Command Center is Equipped with:

  • Video wall with flexible CCTV selection
  • EMS tracking and communications
    Routine and Emergency incident procedures
  • Emergency call center interface and data exchange
  • Incident status monitoring
  • Prioritized resource allocation
  • Record, playback and archiving
  • Managerial report generation
  • Video Management

And more…

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