Command centers – Integrated solution

Similar to the nerve center of military applications, command centers require real-time access to mission-critical information. Our integrated command center solution enables the dissemination of commands and status information, as well as fast feedback ability from deployed operators. Our solution offers a clear advantage in real-time command & control operations, research and mission planning.Command centers

The Military Command Center is the “nerve center” of the military organization which provides a comprehensive overview of various independent yet operationally dependent and highly important information sources. Within this environment, the operators should make prompt and accurate decisions, using the available technology.

Operational intelligence at a glance

Our video walls, large-screen displays, multi-screen controllers and display management software constitute a state-of-the-art command center, typically used in tactical analysis centers, 24/7 watch and alert centers, crisis centers and briefing rooms, integrated battle space centers, National Military Command Centers (NMCCs), Military ATC and air defense battle space centers, borders and critical Infrastructures. This command center provides up-to-the-minute, dynamically tailored access to a synthesized Common Operational Picture (COP). A Barco designed command center ultimately enhances better collaboration, faster decision-making and higher mission effectiveness.

More specifically, our success relies on a network-centric visualization platform that integrates information from various different sensors which is being implemented in operational, tactical and strategic command & control centers.

For years, the Concept of Operations (CONOPS) design process, has been successfully utilized in military command center planning. The world’s most visible and effective public-facing entities rely on us to utilize this design process in order to integrate new technologies and systems into the operational context of their organization’s security master plan.

project management solutions

We offer Command Center Design, Implementation and Support solutions that range from consulting to the turnkey delivery of a complete Command Center:

  • Integrated Systems.

We are a pioneer in the integration of security and operations systems into a single user interface, reducing response times, increasing situational awareness and providing a common operating view. We implement , as a routine, PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) to link alarms with video, computer aided dispatch, collaboration and mass notification systems.

  • Program Management.

Our program management acts as the owner’s representative for command set up and implementations.

  • Turnkey Command Center Design and construction.

From architecture and engineering through construction management and commissioning – we deliver a complete, end-to-end Command Center using a single point of contact.

  • Support.

We provides 24/7/365 support for essential technology and processes, assuring the seamless performance of mission-critical systems. Our support constitutes 24-hour field service support and maintenance, software support, server and network support and monitoring, break-fix for all types of IT, database administration, custom application development, customized reporting and other services.

  • Computer Modeling & Simulations.

We build virtual 3D models prior to initiating work on your project. This allows us to identify and resolve issues as soon as possible. Our modeling and simulation process enables us to simulate human traffic flow, sight lines to critical displays and design issues that can jeopardize project schedules.

 Our International Network of partners, allows us to offer state-of-the-art solutions as well as provide installation and

integration services to the global markets.