Aleppo International provides a wide range of aerial surveillance systems and services. We work and collaborate with law-enforcement agencies, government agencies and military forces. We also serve the commercial sector.

Our extensive experience which we gained, among others, from real-life missions, enable us to offer a range of flexible, customized services. These services include the sale or lease of complete aerial surveillance systems, training programs as well as maintenance and post-sale support services.

Aerial Surveillance Systems

We deliver UAV systems designed to meet the diverse needs of armies, law enforcement agencies and homeland security around the world.  Our systems services apply also to the Commercial Sector.
We provide a range of tailored solutions for unmanned aircraft solutions for your missions and requirements. aerial surveillance systems
By means of a variety of onboard UAV Payloads, we offer a full range of solutions, from HD Video Sensors / Cameras, Infrared & Thermal Systems, Radar & Detection System, Communication Devices and more.
Our UAV Ground Control Station is a highly portable command and control station, easily transported in man-pack configuration or customized and built into a shelter or a truck.

UAV System Main Applications: 

  • Border Surveillance and Monitoring.
  • Pipeline Monitoring and Oil & Gas Security.
  • Aerial Support for Law Enforcement / Security Agents.
  • Traffic Control.
  • Geographical Survey and Land Mapping.
  • Search & Rescue.
  • Multi-role UAV systems are used not only for military / police applications but for commercial applications as well.

UAVs are cost-effective, easy and fast to deploy. They are especially valuables for oil, gas and mineral exploration as well as for production companies, land mapping, aerial photography, agriculture surveying and much more.

We offer a range of unmanned aircrafts, integrated with intensive training programs and post-sale service.