Aleppo Systems International Ltd. is an international company that specializes in the maintenance, integration and management of large-scale projects. Its main business activity is centered in the fields of security, communication and technology.about us

The expertise and reputation that the company has gained over the years, together with its productive collaboration with suppliers, allow it to provide ultimate solutions in terms of budget and the adaptation of technologies as per the customers’ specific needs.

The advantages of Aleppo are, among others, the overall management of supply and integration of safety and security systems into government agencies and military forces, the deployment and integration of different communication and technological systems and consultation to companies and corporations.

Part of Aleppo’s uncompromising level of service and quality is the aim to be constantly on top of the latest technological changes.

The company specializes in developing a work plan according to the client needs and ascertains that the best professional staff and equipment are designated to the specific project in order to achieve its successful completion.

Aleppo Systems International

Since 2004, the company has gained extensive knowledge and contacts in the industry which facilitate an accelerated execution of projects and to reduce costs from the customer’s end.

Procurement and Logistics under One Roof

Aleppo Systems International facilitates the management of a large-scale project with one professional point of contact. The project management ranges from analysis of requirements, through procurement and logistics, to manufacturing the product and shipping it to its final destination (air or land shipment). The uncompromising quality of the product is ensured by conducting a comprehensive and meticulous market survey prior to each project. As the product reaches its destination, the company assigns a senior representative who guides the customer through the process of product implementation, system integration and provides professional training.

24/7 Professional Service

Aleppo Systems International offers an array of professional services and personal support 24/7. The company’s teams constitute proficient members with exceptional human relations skills.

Since the establishment of the company and to this day, Aleppo became an expert in international complex projects and gained an impressive list of customers’ references and testimonials.

Aleppo International Systems is an authorized supplier to the UN and the Ministry of defense in Israel.

A Company with Financial Backingproject management solutions

The company’s certainty in the success of every project it undertakes, along with its economical capabilities, enable the owners to offer special and preferred financial terms.

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